Folk tales say that the appearance of the Kirin announces the arrival a sage (sennin in Japanese). It also said that the Kirin’s arrival brings a new golden age.

About Shinkirin

The initial idea for Shinkirin was conceived in January 2019, while the founder lived in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The goal was to resolve the lonely deaths that were occurring in Japan. Technology chosen for the proposed project used the blockchain with integrations using IoT wearables.

By November 2020, “Project Buraindo” started with the formation of Shinkirin. Unfortunately, the covid pandemic delayed the start of the project for two years. Initially, the goal was to set up Shinkirin in Japan with Startup Fukuoka. By October 2021, the founder postponed Shinkirin and focus on another project.

The founder returned to the US in September 2022.

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About Founder

Kevin Miller (Matsunaga) was born in Mountain View, California, and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. After high school, Miller joined the US Marine Corps Reserves. He then attended the University of Washington (Seattle) earning a Double Degree Bachelor of Arts in 1996.

In 1997, Miller served 2 years with the US Peace Corps in Kazakhstan. From Kazakhstan, he spent 4 months as the Program Recruiter with the American Councils in Kyrgyzstan. Afterwards, he returned to the US to complete his Master of Public Affairs at Indiana University, Bloomington.

By 2004, Miller moved to HCMC, Vietnam, to focus on education, ICT and business consulting. He consulted for Indochina Capital, Mekong Securities, VinaConsulting, and B+H Architects.

Miller returned to Kazakhstan to teacher ICT and computer science in Almaty for 3 years. In 2016, he joined an international school in Shanghai serving as the International ICT Coordinator. He moved back to Vietnam in 2017, finally returning to the US in 2022 to focus on Project Buraindo.

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The Pitch

We are developing a decentralized tracking and emergency ICT system to help reduce the number “Lonely Deaths” (in Japan) by integrating wearables and IoT with edge technologies.

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